Brazilian Butt Lift is All the Rage

Brazilian Buttock Lifts have become all the rage in New York City. Maybe it is because of beautiful women like J.Lo, Kim Kardashian, or even Sofia Vergara who show off their figures, because curves are in all the way! So what is a Brazilian Butt Lift?  This is a surgical procedure that is commonly performed as an outpatient.   Patients go in for the procedure in the morning and go home the same day.  Liposuction or harvesting of fat is performed in areas such as the abdomen, hips, back, and thighs.  Once the fat is harvested it is processed to isolate the good fat that can be placed precisely into the buttock region. Enhancing the natural shape of the buttocks while also narrowing the waist and lower back at the same time will  accentuate a woman’s natural curves.   For many women, they consider this a “game changer” for their appearance. Patients who do not have a lot of donor sites for fat harvesting might not achieve the augmentation they desire. Patients have to be aware that some fat placed may not survive so that the procedure may need to be repeated to achieve the final desired volume. The downtime from the procedure is rather short, most people can go back to work within a week of surgery.  It is also important to wear a good supportive garment for at least 3-6 weeks after the procedure.


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