ASAPS national meeting

So I just returned from ASAPS in NYC. It was right in my own backyard!  There was a lot of interesting things at the meeting.  1)Fat injection during facelift was presented a lot. I have always felt that it was important to add volume with facelfting.  One did not preclude the other.  2) Interestingly there was alot on technology as I went to the Hot Topics seminars looking at new devices and products.  Sorry for all you people that have cellulite, but none of the current machines help it in any significant long term way!  But the science is being worked on all the time so hopefully something new will be developed.   3)As far as rhinoplasty goes, many surgeons have been finding in their long term results that grafts sometimes are visible.  Guess what?  I never liked using alot of cartilage grafts in the past for the same reason,  and have always tried to limit their use. I have been a strong proponent of suture techniques to achieve the desired effect, and I thinkn in many cases they work well.  There was so much more and I presented and moderated a panel  too!  Over the next few days I will blog some more.


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