Am I a good candidate for breast reduction?


In order to say if a patient is a good candidate for a breast reduction, she would have to be seen in person.  An examination in person will allow the surgeon  to evaluate any asymmetries, and appreciate the weight of the breasts and possible volume that can be removed from each breast.   Obviously, a breast reduction is performed on a patient with very large breasts that wants them to be smaller. Commonly, the patient has symptoms of bra strap grooving, neck or back pain, and potentially has rashes underneath the breasts. Symptoms like back pain or neck pain may not improve with a reduction, but there are scientific studies suggesting that it does help many women who have breast reductions.  There are many different techniques that can be employed to perform a breast reduction. The skin pattern design often employs the use of  an inverted “T” or anchor type incision, or a lollipop type of incision.  Various parenchymal excision patterns can be used. They are named by the orientation of the blood supply feeding the nipple areola complex.  The design of the skin pattern and the choice of the pedicle will vary from patient to patient based upon their anatomy and the surgeon’s experience.

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